How to choose the right sex doll

How to choose the right sex doll

How to choose the right sex doll

When someone mentions a sex doll to you, you probably first think of those inflatable sex dolls. That’s not strange since they are up to a few years ago these were the only options. Those dolls were complicated to use, they were disposable and often were shooting. To be honest, it wasn’t comfortable either, the artificial, unnatural material, the rough edges didn’t allow you to relax and enjoy sex with such a doll. What caused a real revolution in the world of sex for a reason toys and aids are silicone dolls and we will talk about them in this article.

As we already said in the introduction, when you decide to buy a sex doll, right at the beginning try to bypass the doll on
blow up and watch silicone sex dolls. Of course, the difference in price is immediately visible, but certainly also the difference in quality
even to pleasure itself. With their price, inflatable dolls can tempt you, but if you won’t use them or they will please you
be bad when using it, it’s wasted money. Starting with that, why are you buying a doll? I guess he’s the only one
reason please. You want to give yourself or your friend, for whom this could be a perfect birthday present, something that
you will enjoy it, and it will give you a dose of pleasure almost as much as real sex. Inflatable sex dolls will not provide you
that kind of pleasure. Their appearance alone is not attractive enough and their use is complicated, so set aside more money for
one silicone sex doll, so you will get more enjoyment.

When choosing a doll, start from the appearance first, the possibilities are unlimited and that is a huge advantage of these dolls. Do you want blonde, black, Asian, the choice is yours. Choose what you like and what will excite you the most. By shopping
sex dolls fulfill your dream, so listen to your dreams and fulfill your desires. Do you want the doll to have a huge
ass? Big tits? Long or short hair? Black or white skin color? It’s all possible, you just have to let your imagination run wild.

From the accessories, you can choose that your sex doll has a vagina that will have a built-in vibrator, which will make your relationship with
make the doll almost identical to the real woman. But that’s not all, heaters can also be built into the vagina of your doll
in order to have a real natural feeling of the vagina. Your doll’s open mouth is designed to feel like you are
actual anal sex, and the mouth is specially designed for oral sex. Do I need to mention that all sex doll vaginas
they are not the same, and you will have the option of choosing there as well. On most sites for buying these dolls, the models are marked with names,
specifically on this site: ONLY DOLLS my favorite is Tanya, because I like girls in real life too
with big buttocks.

If you have already decided to buy a sex doll, as I mentioned before, I recommend buying silicone sex dolls
dolls, because the advantages are numerous and the possibilities of using these dolls are greater. In any case, the choice depends on your taste,
of your wishes and finally possibilities. In any case, whichever option you decide on, enjoy your new toy.

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