Who Do You Want Your Doll to Look Like

We all have different fantasies.  It is for this reason; sex dolls are here to bring you incredible sex. BestRealDoll has an incredible selection of lifelike sex dolls crafted to your expectations.

If you have your favorite character on your mind to be a doll, you can custom it the way you want. It’s easier to customize your doll. The process is easy and fun and you will have the exact doll you wish.

Choosing what you want

You need to have an idea or character in mind that you want your love do to look like. Sometimes, you can make your own custom love doll not because you want but just to have fun. If you cannot customize by yourself, you can talk to the store to customize on your behalf.

Online stores like BestRealDoll got custom love dolls if you are looking for one that will satisfy your needs. There are, however, several ways you can customize your doll.

Repainting the face

You can repaint the face of your doll to look like you. To do this, pin the hair away from the face then spray MSC (Mr. Super Clear) all over the head. Wait for about 30 mins to dry the start to draw on the face with a watercolor pencil.

Depending on the doll you make, you can make your clothes or look for patterns on the internet.

There are different ways you can customize your  American sex doll . If you don’t know how to do it, contact a store like BestRealDoll, they will customize it as per your desires.

It’s not hard if you have the idea because you can do it today. If you want it to look like you, your sister, or your role model, it is still possible. With the latest technology, everything is possible.

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Author: Smart Dolls

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